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Does Getting Too Much Bad News Affect Your Health? [POLL]
Have you ever worried yourself sick over bad news? According to a CNN article, too much bad news can stress out our adrenal glands which causes high anxiety, sleep loss and possibly depression. These changes can lead to headaches, tummy aches and achy muscles.
The Top Five Things That Stress Us Out at Work!
Workplaces have changed so much, but one thing remains constant-STRESS! Whether you work in a traditional office setting, or you're working from home, a new survey finds that we share the same stressors.
Top 5:

Waiting for information from someone else to complete a task
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I’m Still Writing 2014!!!
It may be lack of sleep, it may be mental decline brought on by old age, whatever the reason, I experienced a slip in my mental acuity and wrote 2014 on a form at the Pediatric Dentist's office. I wish that I could say it was a one-off and that this is a poor representation of my attention span…
The Top Things We Regret Posting!
Uh Oh. What have I done?! Head in hands, many have regretted posting something online, THAT NEVER GOES AWAY! According to a new survey this isn't a "now and then" sort of thing, we keep doing it! The average person has posted 17 things on social media that they regret...