Check Out the L.L. Bean Freeport Summer in the Park Series!
We look forward to the L.L. Bean Summer in the Park Series every year, and the summer of 2017 looks amazing!
Some of the haps include:
A major 4th of July extravaganza!
A couple wonderful, family friendly fundraising events that you won't want to miss, and a Kids' Get Out and Play Day...
What Celeste Found In Her Old lunchbox!
Before fancy thermal lunch bags made from organic fabric, we had metal lunchboxes. Most came with a matching thermos and they always had a very distinctive smell. That smell is more than a memory, it's actually still in my head. Not only did lunchboxes hold our lunches, they were also a sort of…
Bands Playing Instruments Made on a 3D Printer! [VIDEO]
I'll be honest, it took me quite a while to wrap my mind around 3D printing. It's truly amazing, and now almost anything can be produced using one. Including musical instruments! You have complete create control of the look of your instrument, without the limitations of regular production.…

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