New England Patriots

WATCH: Fitzy’s #1 Seed-Cast [NSFW]
The New England Patriots finished the regular season with a win over Miami on the first day of the year. 2017 couldn't have started any better for Pats fans! Fitzy says, "In one day,  thanks to one win, two-thousand seventeen annihilated two-thousand sixteen."  They …
Watch: All 201 Of Tom Brady’s Wins In Under 4 Minutes [VIDEO]
With yesterday's win over the Rams, Tom Brady has done what no other Quarterback has done. Win 201 games.
Last week he tied Peyton Manning with 200 wins and he did that in 30 fewer games than Manning, but yesterday Tom took the title of 'Greatest Of All Time' to new heights becoming th…
WATCH: Relive Agonizing Pats Loss [NSFW]
You’ve heard his no-holds-barred Patriots analysis on the WBLM Morning Show, with that freakin’ awesome Bahstan accent and plenty of nice long belches. Well Fitzy's back to share his pain after Sunday’s Game 10 loss to the Seahawks.
Watch: Gronk Rocks Out In New Video For Madden ’17
Rob Gronkowski is having the time of his life. No matter if he's teaming up with The New England Patriots on the field, pairing up with Big Papi for Dunkin Donuts, or visiting children's hospitals, Gronk's life is in high gear with no signs of slowing down...
WATCH: Fan Made Video Celebrating The Return Of Tom Brady!
Brady's suspension is over. He's back with the New England Patriots and will take the field this Sunday against the 0-4 Cleveland Browns. Game time is at 1pm. Let the slaughter begin!
Check out this fan made version of Brady's Back, set to Eminem's 'Without Me'
Boston Gets ‘Simpsonized’ This Sunday Night!
The opening of the promo for this Sunday's new episode shows Homer and the family stuck in Boston traffic. Nothing says your in New England's biggest city more clearly than being in your car at a stand-still just after you get off the Tobin Bridge, right?
Brady’s Having A Blast On Facebook During His Suspension
After last night's 27-0 Patriots win over the Houston Texans Tom Brady once again took to Facebook to congratulate his team and have a little fun.
As you know Tom can't have any contact with players or coaches during his suspension but he knows how closely the NFL, fans, and players ke…

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