Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf at Port City Tonight! [VIDEO]
WBLM is proud to present an evening with Peter Wolf tonight at the Port City Music Hall in Portland. If you saw the J. Geils Band  show at the Maine State Pier last September, Peter Wolf remains as electrifying onstage as Mick Jagger.
Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert [VIDEO]
36 years ago, the mighty J. Geils Band returned to the CCCC for the second time. It was the Love Stinks tour and the first of many sold out shows in the 80s here in Portland on May 2, 1980.
Peter Wolf Comes Back to Portland!
When the J. Geils Band played in Portland last August, if there was a roof over the Maine State Pier, they would have without question blown it off! And now WBLM is proud to welcome back the electrifying front-man who just keeps getting better with age.
Peter Wolf Calls Us On the Wise-Cracker Line [AUDIO]
The mighty, mighty J. Geils Band will bring blues-rock at its best back to Blimpville next week! Peter Wolf, Magic Dick, Seth Justman, and Danny Klein are bringing the Houseparty to the Maine State Pier on Thursday September 3rd just before Labor Day weekend!