Mainers Vote For the Best Song on The Joshua Tree
30 years ago today, the UPS man drove up to the WBLM Studios...then in Auburn...to drop-off the new U2 album, The Joshua Tree. We instantly put the album....yes ALBUM, on the turntable and our collective mouths dropped. What a masterpiece...
Supercuts Cut of the Game Pats-Miami
Pats Clinch the #1 Seed! a MUCH better way to end the season than last year with a solid (crushing) win over the Dolphins. The Pats go 8-0 on the Road this season-Incredible!
Time for you vote for the Supercuts Cut of The Game. Three awesome highlights for you to choose from...
Supercuts Cut of the Game
Nice to have TB12 back at home. After a slow start the Patriots rolled over the Bengals 35-17. The Pats are now 5-1. Gronk was fired up and had a monster game! Which of these moments will you vote for on our Supercuts Cut of the Game?
The pats are back at it on on the air Sunday night aga…
Elect Alice Cooper for President!
Disillusioned with all the candidates running for President this year? You're not alone.That's whay we think you should take a look at the one and only Alice Cooper. We love his slogan; "A Troubled Man for Troubled Times."
What’s Maine’s Favorite Rolling Stones Album?
It's a Rolling Stones Weekend on WBLM. The Captain wanted to call it the "Game of Stones" weekend but that has been successfully shot down by Celeste. Either way, we're digging into the huuuuge WBLM A to Z archives to pull out all our favorite songs by Mick, Keith and the…

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