Smart phones

Low Battery On Your Smart Phone? Do This!
I am so dependant on my phone, and there's nothing worse than being on the road and realizing that my battery is low when I need it for phone calls and directions.
My phone is set to go into low-power mode when it needs to, but there's more that we can do to get the most of our re…
Why is This Picture on My Phone?
I have 930 pictures on my phone. Most of them have been taken by my kids and defy explanation. This one is a snack that Sabelle created at Girl Scout Camp.
Old School “Dumb” Phones Are Making a Comeback?!
For realz! This is a thing! These simple minded phones are coming back into demand for several reasons:

The battery lasts for days without charging.
They are way tougher. They make those fragile iPhone screens seem like Grandma's good china
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