tom brady

Who Would You Do, Brady or Gronk? [POLL]
Oh don't pretend you haven't thought of it!!! So which do you prefer? Sexy, solid, natural born leader Tom? Or would you rather experience "A Gronking to Remember"? After some deep thought I decided that I would have to go with...Gronk.
Is Andrew Luck the next Tom Brady? [VIDEO]
With just five days until they meet in the AFC Championship Game, Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck must be asking himself if he can really beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots pull off what would be one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history...
An Open Letter to Tom Brady: Don’t Run with the Football! [VIDEO]
GIF: Tom Brady with the 17-yard rush, tries to run a dude over at the end
— Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) December 14, 2014
Honestly, how much do we not want to see TB12 run with the football so close to the playoffs? When I watched this play during the Pats win against the Mi…

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