Brian James Celebrates 30 Years on the Blimp!
30 years ago today--September 13th, 1987--the great Jose Diaz offered Brian James a gig here at WBLM. 30 years later, the Party Guru has reached legendary status! Born and raised on WBLM, Brian embodies everything we are about. Congrats to the Gu...
2017 A to Z Fun Facts [VIDEO]
We hope you enjoyed the 2017 edition of WBLM's A to Z.. our 28th trip through the 'ol Blimp Archives was a great one! Many thanks to SIS Bank for sponsoring A to Z this year. We couldn't have done it without you, SIS!
Vintage BLM Bumper Stickers at Fort Andros Flea Market
The story that I'm about to tell you is a strange one, it all started with my friend Jess finding this bumper sticker at the Fort Andros Flea Market in Brunswick.
I was intrigued! First, because someone was still using a typewriter and I think that's cool...

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