Maine State Police

Christopher Knight is a quiet guy who shuns society in general, but he takes the spotlight in the August 26 issue of GQ magazine. A publication best known for men's fashion and grooming tips, Christopher is an unlikely face for GQ because he is also known as The North Pond Hermit. He went into the woods in 1986 and survived, in part, by stealing necessities from camps. He was arrested in April 2013 for those break-ins.

How did he end up living in the woods of Rome, Maine for decades? Here is the GQ interview!

The North Pond Hermit was a legendary creature and his "capture" inspired this song called, North Pond Hermit. Catchy...

Speaking of music, Christopher is a huge classic rock fan. According to the article his favorite band is Lynyrd Skynyrd. So Mr. Breeze, this is for you.

The Hermit's only real connection to society was the radio he had rigged up to listen to us in the woods. We here at WBLM wish him the best and will continue to play the classic rock that he loves as he transitions through an alternative sentencing program.

Does his punishment of being forced back into society fit the crime, or is it too harsh for someone who very obviously wants to be alone? Give us your opinion on our Facebook Fan Page #northpondhermit, or tweet us.

Hanging in the woods listening to BLM sound just like being 'upta camp,