Dire Straits nailed it on "Money for Nothing", when they proclaimed, "I shoulda' learned how to play them drums." Just check out these concert ticket prices!

1. The Rolling Stones, with an average ticket price of $624

2. One Direction, $460

3. Maroon 5, $364

4. The Eagles, $345

5. Justin Timberlake, $339

6. Roger waters, $314

7. A tie between Beyonce and Fleetwood Mac, at $282

8. Pink, $270

10. Paul McCartney/The Beatles, $241

What is the most you've paid to see a band?, what is the least expensive ticket you've bought? Answer us on our facebook page!

A  BLM Skynyrd Concert Poster from the 70's,,,check out the old ticket outlets and tix price!



The cheapest ticket in town,