We have all had fantasies about distant Uncles leaving us loads of money or gold bouillon in their wills. But face it, this is Maine. Let's just adjust our expectations. You are looking at my "Scary Doll" collection. This is just the kind of thing people DO NOT want to inherit. Sorry Sabelle and Anneliese. This is what your mom has to show for her small disposable income. My girls don't even know these exist because honestly, it would scare them.The good news, I have other, equally worthless collections to leave them.
According to a survey, other things people don't want to get in someone's will are: a pet, their vacation souvenirs, home made crafts and their junky furniture. Save a loved one a trip to Goodwill and just drop off your shot glass collection yourself.
I'm leaving you my miniature ceramic purse collection.