This is my five year old Sunday afternoon on our way to visit her Papa and Nona in Waterboro. It could have been me. I am exhausted!

We all need a vacation from our vacation. There were lots of play dates, a slumber party, loud kid movies, messy crafts, a million meals, a million dishes, spills, Taylor Swift songs and pop-up dance parties all over the house! It was fun, but honestly, once I wash my floors and do four loads of laundry, I could sleep for two days. The fact that I stayed up late watching the Academy Awards last night is not helping my cause! I hope my girls both stay awake at school today, they had a hard time falling asleep last night after so much excitement for a week.

What was your vacation week like? What have you been looking forward to getting back to now that the kids are back in school? Will you be able to stay awake at work today?! Comment on our Fan Page, or tweet #wreckedfromvacation

Any tips on removing glitter glue from the hardwood floor?


Yawn. Stretch.