No, this is not a cleverly disguised street narcotic. This is a Breathe Right strip. See how it's on the counter and not on my husband's nose? THAT'S why I didn't sleep last night! These things have become both my curse and my salvation. When properly placed, and you can tell from the illistrations that it's a process... they work great. When left on the night stand I spend the night elbowing poor Mark like I'm a U.S. Women's hockey player. He is unaffected by my poking and sighing. The morning ritual of our four year old removing Daddy's snore strip results in them being thrown onto our bedroom floor, where I later collect them with my socks. When I do laundry I spend a good ten minutes prepping it by pealing snore strips and princess stickers off the bottom of all of our socks. Sometimes in the middle of the night Anneliese will climb into bed with us. She and I have both been battling a cold so I blow our noses and we have some water and drift back to sleep. For a while. The other night I was rudely awakened by her shouting, "Mommy, stop making those noises!". Seems that Mark can sleep through MY snoring but the short kid can't. Now Mommy is trying to find the correct placement of a snore strip. Do you have a cure for snoring? Has snoring affected your life in some way? I don't think that any of us has been untouched. Share your experience on our Fanpage.

I'm sleepy,