Bona-fide landmark LP release! -- Janis gives back! -- Happy B'day Dave Evans!

Janis Joplin, April 1969. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

8/8/1966 (50 years ago today) - Hot on the heels of John Lennon's infamous "We're more popular than Jesus Christ" controversy, The Beatles release the "Revolver" album in the U.S., and every recording artist on the planet is left wondering how to keep up with The Fab Four -- An insane treasure trove here: "Eleanor Rigby", "She Said, She Said", "Taxman", "Here, There And Everywhere", "Tomorrow Never Knows" -- The LP (of course) zooms to No. 1, and spends a total of 77 weeks on the chart!

8/8/1970 (46 years ago today) - She never forgot who came before her...: Janis Joplin purchases a proper headstone for the grave of her favorite singer, the incomparable Bessie Smith, at Philadelphia's Mont Lawn Cemetary. Bessie was nicknamed the "Empress Of The Blues" and became (without question) the most popular female blues singer of the 1920's and '30's; sadly, in 1937, she died from complications suffered in a car accident after being refused admission to a whites only hospital; she was 43 years old, buried in an unmarked grave 'til Janis came along to set things right.

8/8/1961 - Happy Birthday to guitarist David Evans, a.k.a. The Edge, 55 years old today -- U2's sound is 100% unimaginable without him, that's all there is to it.

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