Today, another rock concert ban; a Sixties landmark recording; and a mega-star literally hits the road...

Wings; November 1972. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

7/09/1956 (59 years ago today) - After a bit of trouble in the audience at a June 30th Asbury Park, New Jersey performance, Bill Haley And His Comets are denied permission to play a concert at the Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. Why? Get this -- according to the city ordinance: "Rock and roll music encouraged juvenile delinquency and inspired young females in lewd bathing suits to perform obscene dances on the city's beaches!" Well, duh...

7/09/1962 (53 years ago today) - Afternoon recording session, Columbia Studios, New York City: the tape machine's-a-rolling for Bob Dylan and "Blowin' In The Wind", originally a two-verses only ditty first performed at Gerde's Folk City back on April 16th (1962) where, legend has it, Bob couldn't read his own hand-written lyrics so he made it up as he went along! A new middle verse is added for the studio version he records on this date; the Peter, Paul & Mary cover hits No. 2 on charts the following February.

7/09/1972 (43 years ago today) - In the very small town of Chateauvillion, France, Paul McCartney debuts his new band Wings, featuring guitarists Denny Laine and Henry McCullough, along with wife Linda and drummer Denny Seiwell. It's Paul's first time on the road since The Beatles quit touring in 1966; the new band double as their own road crew and get around from gig-to-unannounced-gig by traveling in an old double-decker London bus, complete with psychedelic interior! D.I.Y., indeed!

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