Dylan! Elvis! Stones! If we had to, we could live with just those. Really!

At the White House, Dec. 1970. This actually happened. (National Archive/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

6/09/1964 (51 years ago today) - It's night time in New York City and Bob Dylan is at Columbia Recording Studios doing the first session for his forthcoming "Another Side Of Bob Dylan" LP. Bob records a total of fourteen original compositions this one night (!) including "Mr. Tambourine Man" which will become a Number One classic for The Byrds here in America and Great Britain. What else is on Dylan's fourth studio album? Oh, not much, just "All I Really Want To Do", "Chimes Of Freedom", "My Back Pages", "It Ain't Me Babe" -- hard to believe now this album really wasn't that well-received when it was released the first week of August, 1964. Like there was anyone else doing this stuff...

6/09/1972 (43 years ago today) - At the time, it was entertainment history: Elvis Presley gets in the record books by performing four sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden -- that had never been done at the legendary New York venue until now! The shows, Elvis' first in the Big Apple since the 1950's, were released (on one LP) with the glamourous title "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden"; in the audience -- John Lennon, George Harrison, Art Garfunkel, David Bowie and Bob Dylan. So, no pressure, then...

6/09/1978 (37 years ago today) - It's The Rolling Stones first proper studio LP with Ronnie Wood as a full-time member of the band: "Some Girls" hits the record shops with more album artwork that gets the band into legal trouble right away! Designed by Pete Corriston, the front cover originally featured The Stones in rather garish drag alongside lingerie ads and various female celebrities. Legal action is immediately threatened by the estate of Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minnelli (representing her mom Judy Garland), Farrah Fawcett and Lucille Ball -- they want their pictures off of there or else! Why would the band bother with asking permission when they got a hell of a lot more publicity doing it this way? Plus the creation of thousands of first-edition-rarity-collectors items? Good work, lads, that's The Stones way!!!

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