Today is an historic day for AC/DC fans in Blimpville. 20 years ago today on March 18, 1996, they returned to Portland for a sold out show at the Civic Center on the Ballbreaker Tour. This is the last time AC/DC played in Portland and it was beyond epic! The concert started with a large wrecking ball knocking down a wall on stage. The band appeared through the rubble playing Back in Black. By the way, Miley Cyus was not the first to ‘come in like a wrecking ball’, as Brian Johnson climbed on, swinging and singing during the song, Ballbreaker. Sadly, the latest news is that AC/DC may tour without Brian Johnson this year due to his hearing issues.

Join us tonight at 6:20 for live AC/DC on the WBLM Mini-Concert!

Watch the AC/DC we know and love live in the summer of '96.