Yesterday marked a very historic day in Rock. It was the 36th Anniversary of Brian Johnson joining AC/DC as their new lead singer. He replaced Bon Scott who had died just two months earlier in February of 1980.  The surviving members briefly thought about calling it quits but decided to carry on because Bon would’ve wanted them to.   Brian Johnson’s style though different from Bon Scott fit perfectly with AC/DC in 1980 and has for over 3 decades. His future with the band is sadly, uncertain after recently being advised to stop performing live or face total hearing loss. It was announced over the weekend that Axl Rose would be handling vocals for this year's remaining Rock or Bust dates.  Brian released a heartfelt statement yesterday.

Let’s celebrate one the greatest front men ever, Brian Johnson with a WBLM Mini-Concert.

Join us for live AC/DC tonight at 6:20!

Watch Brian remembering his audition for the band.