Join us in the Big Red Love Van tonight for a WBLM Mini-Concert with Kansas! When Kansas came to the Civic Center in December of 1977, the show was a sellout. The were one of the biggest bands in Blimpville with their masterpiece album, Leftoverture getting significant airplay at the WBLM Trailer in Litchfield. They came back and sold-out in Portland again in November of 1980. Soon after that the creative differences began to set in. Lead singer, Steve Walsh left in 1981 and guitarist Kerry Livgren had become a born-again Christian sticking around for only two more albums. Steve Walsh was replaced by John Elefante. The first Kansas album with the new lead singer was Vinyl Confessions and the band came back to Portland in support of it on August 8,1982. This one was not a sellout and was the last time Kansas played the CCCC.

Here's Kansas with John Elefante on vocals one month before the 1982 Civic Center   show.