There's tons of shows - but the one for me that really stands out is when Roger Waters came to town. It was 1988 and he was doing his solo album, 'Radio K.A.O.S.' where he literally brought a radio station with him on stage.

Roger Waters - About an hour before showtime, the promotors called and said, "Hey, would you be the DJ on stage for this Roger Waters' show." I was like, 'Oh, my God.' For me to actually be a radio guy on stage with a member of Pink Floyd where the concept is this radio station - I was like, 'Wow.'

That stands out because I was literally part of a Roger Waters' show. After that, I thought, 'Well, OK, I'm three years into this radio thing. I kind've like this.'

As I did more and more shows at 'BLM, I began to realize how much work it is to be the concert leader not just for us but the bands and everyone involved. It's a really, really cool thing to do, but, 'It's a long way to the top of you want to rock& roll.

WBLM - Captain & Guru backstage at WBLM's 25th anniversary show with the Black Crowes

I have some other really great backstage memories with the Blimp:

Elton John - I've met so many amazing artists with WBLM. There's the time with Elton John where it was kind've a grip and grin, meet and greet kind've thing for like 300 people after the show. He did it and he wasn't very talkative and then he left. People from the Blimp just kind've hung out backstage because there was free booze.

About an hour later, Elton came back and somebody wheeled in a stand-up piano and I mean we were right there with him. He played for about 30 of us for like 45 minutes and I had my elbow on the piano and I was saying, 'This can't be happening.'

Stevie Ray Vaughn - I was walking backstage at Merrill Auditorium - nobody's there and I'm trying to find somebody because they've asked me to bring on Stevie Ray Vaughn. I'm backstage in the bowels of Merrill and there's this cat strumming his Stratocaster, not plugged in, sitting on some cases with his cowboy hat down like that. He kind've looks up and it's Stevie Ray - it's just you and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I was like, 'Huh, I'm here with the radio station and I'm kind've lost.' He was so chill and cool and tried to help me. We ended up talking about the Blues for a few minutes until somebody came along and showed me where to go. I said 'so long' to Stevie Ray and that was a memory I'll never forget.

Dee Snider - There's a funny one when I was talking to Dee Snider on his tour bus and he's really, really concderned about his children. His boys are like 6 or 7 years old at the time and he's very, very concerned that they're going to grow up and be preppies. His wife is buying them these nice Izod shirts and he's really concerned about his kids being preppies. You're sitting there with Dee Snider and he's got the make-up and the hair and he's all 'Twisted Sister' and you're like, 'I have a feeling they're gonna feel your influence, Dee.'

Crosby & Nash - There's the night here where it's Crosby and Nash doing Rockline from 'BLM. It's me, Gu and our engineer, Drew Scammon and those two guys - David and Graham. Just the five of us.

We're hanging out during this entire national broadcast from Maine and thery're telling road stories and we end up being great buddys. That's all you can ask for.

Van Halen - I was doing a backstage interview with Eddie Van Halen at the Ballpark - whose like one of my personal favorite guitar guys. I'm nervous. Not too long into our live interview, Alex Van Halen bursts in and starts screaming at his brother. They start going at it because someone has stolen Alex's film. I'm trying to do this Eddie Van Halen interview and Alex is screaming at his brother and Eddie starts yelling back and all of a sudden this brother thing starts happening and I'm in the middle of it just trying to deal with that.

Those are real moments you hope for and cherish - when you really get to see these guys in thier element as real people.