WBLM is the Concert Leader. For years, the Blimp brings the biggest bands to Maine. The Guru has some amazing concert stories! Check out these classic pictures of Guru rocking out with WBLM.

WBLM - Def Leppard, October 2nd, 1987. The first time I went onstage. Never before had I done that. This is a great picture. Steve Clark has a black eye probably from some party. Joe Elliot is wearing sweats and I'm wearing the classic WBLM blue satin jacket.

When I started in radio, there was only one station that got onstage at concerts. The Blimp. That was it. Back then, it was all rock shows and there was no question that 'BLM was the station that you aligned yourself with to promote these concerts. We were the only game in town. We were this giant rock pig.

Def Leppard - October 2nd, 1987 - that was my big night. (See Picture Above). It was the first time I ever went onstage to welcome the crowd at a show. Ever. Any concert. It was the Hysteria tour. In the round. They had these amazing lasers. Talk about 'baptism by fire' to go onstage for your first time ever and it's a Def Lep/Tesla show. That just blew my mind.

The Cars - Near the end of 1988, November 20th to be exact, I went onstage at the Cars show. That's the date. I know for a fact because they played the Civic Center the same night as WBLM's 14th Anniversary Party (See Picture Above). That's the night I had to leave the party at the Ramada, head to the Civic Center, go onstage in my tux, welcome a sold out crowd at the Car's show, and then go back to the WBLM party.

I remember us rushing across town to the Civic Center, and when I got there, the promoters were ready for me. The place was packed and they took me right onstage. I'm wearing my blue tux from the party and I walked up to the microphone and said, "Hey, I'm Brian James from WBLM and we're having a big party across town, but I thought I'd take a break and come over and say 'hi' to you guys. Enjoy the show." It's always incredible to do that, but to go from the Blimp party to the Cars show on the same night was amazing. Things like that would happen because the bands that came here were all connected with WBLM.

Motley Crue & Tesla - In the summer, there was nothing like going to Seapack, especially to see the Motley Crue, Tesla show in 1990. One of the best things about that night was when I interviewed Tommy Skeoch from Tesla in the 'BLM van before they went on stage - me and Tommy Skeoch just hanging out. I actually still have that interview on a reel to reel.

What a great show that was. Kids were coming up to me as they're leaving the concert and I was signing autographs. I had my long hair. You felt like WBLM was as big of a star as the bands the kids were going to see.