It was a hot summer day in 1984. I had saved up from my cashiering job at Shaw's in Saco to see my favorite band, The Go-Go's.  I was wearing a turqoise blue and neon pink short jumpsuit with bobby socks and white pumps. My hair was fierce. I was with three super-fun girls and we had the beat. After touching up my yellow eyeshadow and purple blush, we arrived at the Civic Center where we were just in time to hear the opening act start. They were a new band, I had heard one song on the radio and I really liked it.  Lights came up, key board rolled over us and a gorgeously trashy Aussie in leather swept away my Brian Adams crush within three notes of their first song, The One Thing. INXS stole that show. What band did you see before they hit it big?

Let it Shine Like it Does,