Just one step above cannibalism, you may one day be able to buy salami which will be "grown" by using celebrity tissue samples. This isn't even a joke. There's a company called "Bitelabs" that claims the "artisinal salami" will be created using biopsied tissue samples.Yuck. They have their eye on stars like Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres and James Franco. James Franco's salami. Haven't we seen it already?...Hmm. Anyway, in the picture above I am showing you an example of the special salami as imagined featuring the members of  the band Rush. Captain insists it's the members of Three's Company. He claims that's Jack in the middle being flanked by Janet and Chrissy. If you could injest a salami made with celebrity tissue, who's salami would you want to taste? Post your preference on our Fanpage, and make your tasty suggestion.

I am a meat blend with course ground pork and Hungarian paprika.

Eat me,