We love that early Zep! So young, so raw, so genius! Led Zeppelin recorded their first "Top Gear" radio program 45 years ago today for BBC Radio 1 on March 3, 1969. This live performance was still very early in their career. Only five months previous, they embarked on their first tour billed as the New Yardbirds. The debut album, "Led Zeppelin" had just come out in January so the kids in the audience were still fairly unfamiliar with them. Imagine that for a moment. Zeppelin went on to complete four US tours and four UK tours in 1969 and recorded a second album which was an even bigger commercial success than the first.Their early insane work ethic paid off quickly catapulting them forward as the biggest band in the world. After these early television appearances they stayed away from the small screen preferring that their fans see them live in concert. The video below is from around the time of the BBC sessions of Zep on a Danish TV show.