One of the great things about living in New England is the number of amazing restaurants we have.

No matter what town you live in, you are probably not far from a restaurant that serves amazing burgers, chicken tenders, meatloaf, Chinese food, Thai food, Mexican food, and Italian food.

Yes, this includes pizza.

In fact, we have so many great pizzerias in New England that Boston hosts an annual pizza festival.

This year, one of our favorite pizzerias is going to be featured at the festival.

Burano's Wood-Fired Pizzeria, located in Hallowell, Bath, and Scarborough, makes some of New England's best wood-fired pizza.  One of the things we really love about Burano's is the variety of toppings available.  Yes, you can have a basic pepperoni pizza, but you could also have a duck, bacon, or roasted red pepper pizza.

We're really excited that Burano's will be featured at the 2024 Boston Pizza Festival.

The festival will take place at Boston City Hall on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23.  It will be open from 11 AM to 6 PM each day.

The event is free to attend, but you need to purchase tasting tickets in order to try the pizza.  You'll get three slices for $11.99, five slices for $17.99, and ten slices for $31.99.

Hoja Studio / Unsplash
Hoja Studio / Unsplash

Keep in mind that the event is cashless.  When you purchase the tickets online, you'll get a QR code that will be scanned by the vendors.  Pre-purchase your tastings HERE.

In addition to the amazing pizza served up by nearly 50 pizzerias, adult beverages will be available for purchase.  Nothing goes better with great pizza than a cold beer, right?

alanaktion / Unsplash / Canva
alanaktion / Unsplash / Canva

Get more details about the festival from the event's website.

If you end up attending, send us a message in our app telling us about your favorite pizza.

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