If your family is involved in the programs put on by the Augusta Parks & Rec Department, or if they attend the many community events & festivals put on by the City of Augusta, there is a good chance you have encountered Bruce Chase.

For over two decades, Bruce has been heavily involved the Augusta Parks & Rec programs.  Most recently, he had the position of director of the Parks & Rec Department.

At the end of this month, he'll be stepping away.  His last major event was last weekend's tree lighting, and his last day on the job will be December 22.

In addition to having a hand in all of the athletic and extracurricular programs put on by the parks and recreation department, he has had his hand in most of the major community events put on by the city.  These include the 4th of July parade & fireworks, the Ironman triathlon, Townsquare Media's Summer Fun Concert Series (formerly Waterfront Wednesday), the city's Halloween events, and the aforementioned Christmas tree lighting event.

As an Augusta native who attended Cony High School, he loved the opportunity to come back to his hometown.  Working with the parks and rec department gave him a chance to interact with the people he grew up with and their families.

We asked Bruce about the highlight of his career in Augusta.  Without hesitation, he explained that it was turning the old Buker School into the Buker Community Center.  The school had closed, and the building was taken over by the city, just a few months before he was hired.  That transformation had been his plan from day one.  He had even brought it up when he was being interviewed for the position.

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He explained that when he first started, he slowly moved into the Buker building.  He quietly moved his office to the building and, before too long, it was being used as a community center.

When asked about his post-employment plans, Bruce explained that he plans to take the winter off.  He wants to spend some time with his family.  He does plan to help with the high school basketball tournaments this coming February.  After that, he does plan to work part time doing something.  He's just not sure what yet.

All of us here at the radio station are going to miss working with Bruce on a regular basis.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

His replacement has yet to be announced.

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