If it doesn't feel like mid-June to you, you aren't alone.

So far, this spring has been kind of weak.  We haven't really had those hot days what we often get toward the end of spring.  Instead, we've had cooler temperatures and quite a bit of rain.

This has left us with the feeling that we aren't just days away from the start of summer.

That's about to change.

Meteorologists are predicting that next week will be a real scorcher for much of Maine.


According to Weather.com, the week will start with typical late spring temperatures. They are forecasting partly sunny skies and a high of 79 for Monday.

Beginning Tuesday, though, the temperature is going to spike.

Tuesday is predicted to be partly sunny with a high of 89.  Wednesday will be sunny with a high of 95 degrees and the forecast for Thursday is calling for sunny skies and a high of 93 degrees.  Due to a threat of Thunderstorms, Thursday could be a little cooler.  Meteorologists are calling for a high of 89 on Thursday.

Friday will be a little cooler, but still warm.  The forecast is calling for it to be partly sunny with a high of 87 degrees on Friday.

It is important to remember that the humidity could make it feel even hotter.

The forecast for the coast will be similar, but cooler.  The forecast for much of the week is calling for partly sunny skies and highs in the upper 80s.

When we get temperatures in the 90s, it is important to take necessary precautions.  Stay in the shade, drink lots of fluids, and keep an eye on our older loved ones.  UNICEF has posted a list of things to keep in mind during a heatwave.

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