It seems like every other day, we are being warned about a new scam.  And they are coming at us from all angles, from email to TikTok, Insta, Facebook Messenger, text message, phone calls, you name it.

Just this morning, I was the target of one that I had never encountered before.

While I was on the phone with a coworker, I heard my phone beep, signaling that I had another call coming in.  I took a look at my phone and saw that the call was coming from a strange number.  It was a normal ten-digit number, but had a foreign country prefix in front of the ten digits.

I knew that it was PROBABLY a scammer, but wanted to answer it because I was really curious.  And given the fact that I am always getting calls from strange numbers about potential DJ gigs, I wanted to make sure it was not someone calling for a quote.

I put my coworker on hold and answered the mysterious call.  After a few seconds of silence, a computerized female voice started to speak.  The voice, which much like flesh & blood scammers had really poor grammar, explained that there was a $1,000 charge on my Amazon credit card that needed to be taken care of immediately or they were going to cancel my card.  Yes, it was DEFINITELY a scammer.

Souvik Banerjee, Unsplash
Souvik Banerjee, Unsplash

The scammer then started asking for me to enter account information so that we could get the problem taken care of.

Well, the joke is on them, because I don't even have an Amazon credit card!

I quickly hung up and started to do some digging, because I was curious as to where the call was coming from.  I did a quick Google search for the "+52" prefix on my phone's caller ID.  Apparently, the +52 international calling code is from Mexico.

Have you been the target (I don't say 'victim' because I don't believe anyone would actually fall for this) of a scam like this?  You can share your story with us by messaging us inside our app.

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