Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday.

It really is. The thing I love most, is that it's all the perfect parts of a family holiday, without all the pressure of Christmas, or a birthday party, or something like that. It's just all about gathering up, with no agenda other than to eat yourself into a coma. for me, that's just perfect. Cook, eat, sleep...

fat guy passed out hard on the couch

Generally speaking, they always say Thanksgiving isn't at all about what's on the table... it's what's in the chairs. It's all about family. On the other hand, sometimes you get those family members who just want to go completely rogue and bring the weirdest stuff. Like that crazy aunt that decided this year instead of Candied Yams, she'll bring some kind of Egyptian Saurkraut, so we can all just "try something different". Ugh.

Creativity is cool, but so is a delicious dinner.

Sure, you could have Chinese food. You could make this the year that you've just had it with turkey, and you're going to smoke a pork loin or something like that. Even those things are fairly normal. But some people just have to be the one oddity. Or the relative who shows up with seemingly enough beer for everyone, yet never shares.

Beer Breweries packaging Bottles with cap

There's all sorts of family dynamics at play. Especially when the booze comes out. Hard drinking starting at 11:00am, exacerbated by getting totally PO'd at a football game always makes Uncle Bill just always oh so much fun to be around.

So as you peruse this list, remember that it's not always food that ruin Turkey Day. Families rule at that. All you have to do is keep your cool, and remember it's only once a year, and that this too shall pass. Perhaps like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

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