I've eaten some weirs stuff in my days...

I've eaten things over the years that might make a lot of people hurl. Others wouldn't bat an eyelash, but I've eaten brains, blood that had been scrambled (yes, blood scrambles), sweet meats... you name it. I'll pretty much try anything once. But every now and then you'll come across a recipe that elicits an immediate "nooooope".

In my experience, that's an answer usually reserved for those weird Jell-O molds that our grandparents thought were the best. Have you ever had Aspic? It's revolting. It's basically cold, gelatinous, tomato soup. Like, tomato soup jello, but with other weird stuff in it too. But Camp Coffee may be the absolute worst. At least on face value.

I saw this horror-movie-worthy concoction on Reddit. It sounds so gross.

So Camp Coffee sounds like an overly involved process that involves cooking coffee and raw, scrambled eggs together, along with the ground up shells and salt. Apparently you cook it all together for your morning brew. But just look at those ingredients. Coffee, eggs AND their shells, plus salt... Where's the vomit emoji?!

Here's the thing... There's actually a reason for doing this. When you combine all these things at once, it creates what's called a "raft". In the culinary world, this process of rafting basically sucks all the grounds into it, and would act as a filter. Considering this recipe comes from the Maine Coastal Cooking cookbook, it's no surprise they filter it this way. Some of the recipes in it date back to the 1600's.

At the time this recipe was written, there were no coffee filters. Maybe cheese cloth, at best. So this was their method of filtering. This process is still used by professional chefs to clarify stocks and produce consomme. It's tedious, but worth it. so the method checks out, even if it's hard to look at. Would you try it yourself?

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