You may have seen our coverage of the mysterious remnants of a castle that overlooks the charming coast of South Freeport, Maine.

Well, we have an update: You can now live in the home that sits directly in front of the castle's tower.

Casco Bay Castle House for Sale
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northeast Real Estate

Let's take a step back. The castle remnants we are referring to were part of the striking castle-themed hotel that was built in South Freeport, Maine by Amos Gerard, in 1903. Sadly, the resort, built to take advantage of various local rail links, was ravaged by fire in 1914, leaving only the stone tower standing. Today, the tower sits on private property but is visible from the quiet Harraseeket Road.

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Are You a Big 'Tangled' Fan?

Let's just say that if you have a thing for castles, why not live where you can gaze directly at one from the windows in the back of your house? It's practically in your backyard (though it does not come with this property).

Casco Castle Hotel in South Freeport, Maine

This historic beauty, featuring four bedrooms and two bathrooms, is currently on the market for $1,495,000 listed by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northeast Real Estate.

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While the Casco Castle resort was built to look like an ancient castle, the irony here is that the house we are talking about predates the castle by almost 50 years, built in 1854. This house has seen a lot.

A Special Maine Neighborhood With Special Homes

This isn't the only remarkable residence on this enchanting secluded road. We've also explored the incredibly unique South Freeport skinny house, situated just a brief stroll away from this property.

Even without the majestic stone structure watching over her, the tranquil neighborhood with breathtaking coastal Maine views is enough to make this anyone's dream home. Keep scrolling for more photos or visit the listing here on Trulia.

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