The man is the definition of hustle.

Actually, more specifically, he's the definition of one of his favorite mottos (and a go-to hashtag on most of his social media posts) -- #AlwaysGrindin.

chefbobbymarcotte via Instagram
chefbobbymarcotte via Instagram

Bobby Marcotte Restaurants

Chef Bobby "The Butcher" Marcotte has had a rocket strapped to him in general, but especially since being featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives -- one of Guy Fieri's multiple Food Network shows -- back in 2016 as part of the Big Food, Small Towns episode, where he was featured along with his original restaurant, The Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, New Hampshire.

Fast forward from there, and Bobby has been "forkin' off" by opening a few more businesses: hop + grind in Durham, New Hampshire, rise + grind which is also in Durham, and a "reinvented" The Barn at Merry Hill in Nottingham, New Hampshire.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bobby Marcotte Hampton Restaurant

According to Bobby's Instagram account, he dropped a teaser that he "found some free minutes in the day so decided to open a new restaurant [with] some cool people..."

And while he didn't mention exactly who those cool people are or exactly what the new restaurant will be or where, he tagged the account for Chef Bradley Wallace in his post, as well as the account for The Tideside, while also mentioning in the comments section that his newest business venture would be located on Hampton Beach.

Tideside Social Club Hampton Beach

Thanks to a Google search of The Tideside Hampton Beach NH, stories of an upcoming business called Tideside Social Club popped up, with an article from Yahoo! stating that customers can expect it to be "a new farm-to-table restaurant" that looks to be open in Summer 2024.

Deeper into the Yahoo! article, it's mentioned that the new restaurant will take over the vacant building that was once BZ Ocean Market at 9 Ocean Blvd on the southern end of the beach, and renovations have been made to the building to include a massive garage door that will be open on good weather days.

chefbobbymarcotte via Instagram
chefbobbymarcotte via Instagram

The article also lists the owner as Jo McCarran, who grew up a Derry, New Hampshire, resident (as did Chef Bobby) and already owns one mega popular restaurant in his hometown with his wife Lo, The Ricochet.

Between the Derry connection both Bobby and Jo have and the accounts tagged by Bobby "The Butcher," all signs point to Tideside Social Club being the new restaurant Bobby teased as "opening VERY soon..." with the "cool people" being Chef Bradley and the McCarrans.

And with the success that everyone listed above has had with their other business ventures, simply put -- WE. CAN'T. WAIT.

(Author's Note: I also totally missed my calling as a CSI with how I just pieced this all together, huh?)

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