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'Craigslist Killer' aside, Craigslist is actually a really stellar place for both items and entertainment.

Case in point, back in college, I ended up scoring a package of Red Sox tickets with amazing Right Field Box seats off of Craigslist. I found my very first apartment in Malden, Massachusetts, on Craigslist.

Craigslist Missed Connections

And, quite honestly, you can never beat the entertainment that the Missed Connections section of Craigslist provides, whether it's inside or outside of New England.

But this Craigslist request from a brother to ruin his sister's wedding may be one of the most entertaining things ever posted to the site.

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash / Photo by EVREN AYDIN on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash / Photo by EVREN AYDIN on Unsplash

Craiglist Naked Wedding Date

Only in New England would this happen (well, New Englandish, since Connecticut is considered both the embarrassing family member of New England and part of the Tri-City Area with New York and New Jersey).

Back in 2020, an apparently very bitter brother who either hated his sister, hated her fiancé, or both. Because he decided to take to Craigslist to make a request: "Be naked at my sister's wedding."

My sister is having an outdoor wedding in New Canaan ct in May. I want someone to be naked in the woods and to run through the wedding in order to ruin it. I will protect you from my family.

(Author's Note: The "I will protect you from my family" had me legitimately ROTFLMAO.)

Be naked at my sisters wedding
byu/ShadowsGirl9 indelusionalcraigslist

And, in typical fashion, some of the comments on the Reddit post are unmatched.

'I don't see how much they're offering but like $20 and a copy of the wedding video and I'm f****** down!'

'Supply me with alcohol and the video copy and I'm free.'

'I’d do it. Screw his sister’s wedding. If this dude doesn’t trust who she’s marrying I’d totally be down.'

'I’d even say I was her future husband’s lover for 5 extra dollars and a pack of smokes. Hell! I don’t smoke but I’d start just for this guy!'

'Plot Twist: the sister and family and all their friends are all nudists and they are having an openly nudist nude wedding. Now what do you do? Run through the wedding in a parka and boots?'

No word on if this ever actually happened, or if this was even a legitimate request. It seems like half the internet said it was legitimate and the other half said it was bogus, but regardless, it won the internet overall.

Enough to actually get some coverage in Australia.

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