Food Challenges

Food challenges have become somewhat of a fad over the last decade or so, possibly even more.

Some establishments offer a free meal for completing an eating challenge either in general or within a specific time period, others offer up some sort of cash prize, and for some, it's simply about bragging rights with a picture included in their "wall of fame."

Mister Bagel Pizza Challenge

In fact, one of the areas more popular food challenge is at Mister Bagel in Portland, Maine, where a five-pound breakfast pizza must be demolished within 30 minutes in order to win $100.

Nathan Klein via YouTube
Nathan Klein via YouTube

Otherwise, fail and you pay $25 for the meal and have quite possibly enough leftovers to feed you for a week.

An unofficial food challenge, though, has been popping up amongst Red Sox fans (or visitors to Fenway Park in general) that's not about anything except the fun and bragging rights involved.

kathmarathon via TikTok
kathmarathon via TikTok

Fenway Frank Challenge

Depending on who you ask, the Fenway Frank Challenge could be constructed one of two ways:

1) Eat one Fenway Frank per inning for an entire Sox game (so, nine total Fenway Franks for a traditional nine-inning ballgame), like local TikToker Katharine Hassenfratz attempted to do in the most viral video on her TikTok account, or,

2) Not only eat one Fenway Frank per inning, but also drink one Fenway beer per inning for an entire traditional nine-inning ballgame (as some of the angry commenters on her TikTok video pointed out, next to their awkward monologues about how much money it must've cost her.)

According to her TikTok video, it looks like Katharine tapped out after eight Fenway Franks.

Which, if you're that close, why not choke one more down and become an unofficial Fenway Frank champion and receive approximately zero accolades except probably an upset stomach and some variation of the meat sweats?

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