It's one of the most repeated sentences used by people.

Everyone loves a good theme.

And while it's generally used when talking about concepts for parties (like a Great Gatsby party, a Game of Thrones party, etc.), there are times where it can be extended into businesses, too.

And this themed business just north of Maine may be one of the most delicious that we've ever come across.

Getty Images / yunya_eats via Instagram
Getty Images / yunya_eats via Instagram

Homer's Montreal

Our neighbors to the north of Maine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, have come up with quite possibly the most genius themed donut shop ever.

Because while some donut shops around the country (like California's Donut Bar San Diego and L.A. Donuts) have created one special donut to pay tribute to the iconic cartoon, The Simpsons, Montreal is home to an entire Simpsons tribute donut shop:

Homer's Donuts.

Homer Simpson Donuts

Obviously, Homer's is a direct tribute to the drooling donut loving father on the longest running American animated series/sitcom/scripted primetime television series, The Simpsons -- Homer Simpson.

Currently in its 35th season (which is unheard of), there's been one constant throughout the entire series -- Homer loves him so donuts. In fact, a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles has basically become synonymous with The Simpsons/Homer in general.

How Far Away is Montreal?

And honestly, when you consider it, Montreal isn't that far of a drive no matter where you are in New England. It's one of those destinations that is perfect for a weekend getaway, and one that a lot of Mainers or Granite Staters actually cash in on.

Because according to Google Maps, Montreal is only about 4 hours away from Manchester, New Hampshire, and just over 5 hours away from Portland, Maine (they seemed like the best central locations to base a road trip on.)

Google Maps
Google Maps

And truly, when you think about it, that's no different than a weekend trip down to New York City. In fact, it's probably way cheaper to head north for some Homer Simpson donut deliciousness to your face!

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