A popular Greater Portland BBQ joint has decided to sell one of its locations. Elsmere BBQ's Portland restaurant is officially for sale.

The restaurant is right in the heart of Portland's Deering Center neighborhood. It's an ideal spot to attract neighborhood families and college kids from surrounding universities. It's also right between Downtown Portland and Westbrook, which gives it a very populated footprint.

Elsmere BBQ originally started in South Portland back in 2013. Located right on Cottage Road and Elsmere St (no way), the smoked meat sanctuary has been a massive hit since it opened.

A few years later, Elsmere looked to build on this success by opening a spot in Portland. That spot would be located at 476 Stevens Ave. Elsmere took over this building, which formally housed longtime pizza parlor, Siano's. Following a massive gutting and remodel, Elsmere opened the Portland location in 2018. It had been rolling along ever since.

The sale of the building includes practically everything including furniture, cooking equipment, barware, an Argentinian grill, etc.. The entire list is massive. It also has upgraded utilities, which is a huge money saver moving forward for the future owner. This includes efficient heat pumps and water heaters. This is a true turn-key operation.

The asking price for Elsmere's Portland location is $1.55 million. The property is listed with Mike Anderson from Maine Commercial Brokers. You can find out more info here and see more images below.

While Elsmere is selling the Portland location, the original South Portland restaurant isn't going anywhere. The meaty delicious platters will be filling folks up for years to come.

Elsmere BBQ's Portland Location Up For Sale

A very popular restaurant in Portland is up for sale. Elsmere BBQ in Deering Center is selling its fantastic location. And they are practically including everything.

The asking price for Elsmere BBQ's Portland location is $1.55 million. Mike Anderson from Maine Commercial Brokers is the broker. You can find out more information here.

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