Did you really grow up in the Northeast if you weren't scared out of your pants by a talking light-up Christmas tree suddenly coming to life inches away from you?

That wouldn't be an unusual occurrence if you were visiting Bugaboo Creek.

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Google Street View

What was Bugaboo Creek?

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse opened its first location in Rhode Island in 1993, according to FSR Magazine. It was a restaurant chain that operated in multiple Northeastern states including New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Does Bugaboo Creek Still Exist?

According to The Patriot Ledger, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2010, and many of its restaurants closed in that time frame.

While FSR Magazine highlighted a revival in 2012 with new ownership and about 13 restaurants left, it was four years later in 2016 when Bugaboo Creek was officially no more.

The Nashua, New Hampshire, location was one of the last two open before Bugaboo Creek closed for good, MaineBiz highlighted in a 2016 article.

What made Bugaboo Creek special?

At first glance, Bugaboo Creek may have seemed like your typical everyday steakhouse that was also Canadian-themed. But as for the interior? Well, it could speak for itself...literally.

Scattered throughout the restaurant were a variety of animal animatronics that came to life in different ways. There was Bill the Buffalo....

....Moxie the Moose...

...and other critters like fish flapping on the wall, and furry woodland creatures peeking out of barrels.

Then of course, there was Timber the light-up Christmas tree, who would tell interesting facts about nature in Canada. The Timber in this video has a bit of a wonky eye, but let's be honest, he was creepy regardless.

The entire shebang was an entertaining spectacle for kids and adults alike, and coming to this restaurant was always something to look forward to growing up. It truly was a favorite.

And can we talk about the bread? It was heavenly.

Bugaboo Creek even had their own special birthday song for guests as many restaurants do, only this one involved kissing a stuffed animal moose.

For more throwback videos of Bugaboo Creek, check out this YouTube playlist.

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