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Wicked Funny: Francis Is Back In A New NFL Fan Therapy
In this new episode he once again sits in a circle with other NFL fans of opposing teams and a therapist to go over how it feels to have the Patriots off to a great start. This of course only further fuels the hate from non-Pats fans, especially the face-palming Steelers guy.
Where To Pick 'Em On Maine Apple Sunday
Now that Labor Day has come gone and so have the "summah complaints", it's time for us natives to celebrate a September tradition. Let's go apple picking! Maybe even grab a cidah donut and go on a hayride!
Blimp Time Hop: First Shows For "Van Hagar" In Portland
33 years ago, the die-hard VH fans of Portland Maine got to witness the greatness of live ‘Van Hagar’ for the first time! Eddie, Alex, Michael, and new guy Sammy brought the 5150 tour to the Civic Center for 2 nights on August 23 & 24 1986. The opener was Bachman-Turner Overdrive. …