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Listen To Zeppelin's Pre "Zoso" Live Debut of "Stairway"
The audience got to hear the live debut of Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven, and Going to California that night. Those wicked lucky Zep fans saw them perform these new songs 8 months before the release of the upcoming fourth album that would be released the following November. Wowza!
Today's Blimp Time-Hop
Today we celebrate another great show from way-back at the Civic Center. 30 years ago, George Thorogood brought the boogie to Portland with the Destroyers on the Born to Be Bad tour on March 7, 1988.
Today's Blimp Time-Hop
On March 5, 1971, Zep went back to the clubs they started out in and gave fans the deal of a 1968 ticket price to show their gratitude for the early believers.
WATCH: WBLM Welcomes The Next Best Thing to The Eagles
Maybe you caught them live in the WBLM Studio yesterday on the Afternoon Express? Everywhere we went last night, Blimpsters told us it sounded amazing! This definitely a fun and faithful presentation. These guys are bringing us back to 1977 with the look and sound of The Eagles in the era of Hotel C…
WBLM Welcomes Back George Thorogood to Maine
We count 5 trips to Maine from  George Thorogood over the years. His first concert in Blimpville was at the Expo in 1985 on the Maverick tour. The next time he brought the show to Portland with the Destroyers happened on the Born to Be Bad tour in 1988.