back to school

MAMM Open House Saturday
The Maine Academy of Modern Music, or MAMM, is an amazing independent music school for kids that want to learn and be involved in contemporary music. Which is a nice way of saying this is Maine's SCHOOL OF ROCK.
What's Hot for School?
Was just in Target and all the patio furniture was replaced with "back to school" notebooks, pens, paper and back packs. Is it that time already? August is here and so is the rush to get all the supplies you need for the fresh new year. Before the kids catch that first bus, here are some things that will help you shop and make a clean easier transition to the new school year.
It’s July. Right?!
WBLMThis is a story about an afternoon out and about on a hot, humid July day. It started out here, at Cracker Barrel, for lunch with my four year old. This is what we found in their gift shop! O.K., so that happened... Next, we were off to Wal Mart to get Anneliese some new light -up sneakers...