Black Friday

Best Black Friday Fights
Another Black Friday has come and gone and with it this year came fights all across the country, including at least 4 people shot, 2 of which died. Once again greed took over as people trampled, pushed, punched, kicked, and just fought to save a few bucks...
Head to Head: Black Friday VS Cyber Monday
Black Friday madness is upon us, are you taking part? Cyber Monday gives us the option of avoiding the crowds and shopping in our P.J.'s from home. Some shoppers enjoy the full contact, eyes on the prize adrenaline rush from Black Friday...
Shawshank Meets Black Friday
Comedian Juston McKinney decided to poke fun at the shopping madness known as Black Friday with a new video that parodies a movie that is well loved here in Maine, "The Shawshank Redemption."