bob marley

Marley on the Blimp
Bob Marley took the Blimp by storm on Friday Morning. He's just getting warmed up for his 15th annual run of Holiday Shows at Merrill Auditorium in Decemeber  Here's 14 minutes of vintage Mahhhhhleeeee.
Marijuana Goes Commercial
On Wednesday it was announced on Bob Marley's Facebook page that the Marley family and Privateer Holdings will create the world's first cannabis brand.
A to Z Starts Monday [VIDEO]
Are you ready for the Radio Event of the Year? It's the return of the Best of The Blimp from A to Z. Our annual trip down to the huge Blimp archives to play everything we have in alphabetical order. We'll play reel to reels, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD's and Vinyl...