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Low Battery on My Phone!!! What to Do?!
I legit panic when my cell phone battery gets low. It's not my primary method of communication, but I'm completely dependent on it for my G.P.S. and alarms that I set for all of my girls' activities.
According to a new survey, I am not alone!

How to Save Your Wet Cell Phone! [VIDEO]
You've spent hundreds of dollars on your phone and your life is on it, then SPLASH! Tragedy!!! All is not lost if you act quickly. Here are some Do's and Don'ts:

Turn it off and don't turn it on to see if it still works, pressing buttons could push liquid farther in to the device.
Free Apps May Wind Up Costing More Than Paid Ones!
Time to clean up your phone, those "free" apps are killing your data plan! My kids add free games on my phone, but today that comes to an end! I will now pony up the .99 cents because being cheap is costing me. A new study done by U.S.C...