Do You Remember The Classic Pepsi Commercial That Was Filmed in Maine?
Pepsi People Feelin' Free. That was the title of a Pepsi commercial that was filmed in Maine way back in 1973. The commercial actually played during the 1974 Super Bowl Pretty cool. The spot's premise is classic: a bunch of cool 70's kids get together and throw a charity car wash. All while hammering some Pepsi-Cola. Check out the price of the car wash at the beginning of the spot....only a BUCK!. Hey, it was 1973, after all. The best part of this commercial, other than it being filmed in Maine, is the 70's fashion and the throwback cars. And of course, the schmaltzy Pepsi singers and jingle. Be wary-the song will be stuck in your head all day.
Do You Remember This Awesome Blimp TV Commerical?
We've made some pretty kick-ass TV commercials over our 45-year history, but none more fun that one we ran with the "Rock You Live On" theme. The ad features the Captain and Celeste, AC/DC and a guy getting ready for work. Put that all together and you've what the Blimp is all about! Kudos to the brilliant and amazing Kurt Squiers (the Blimp's "AC/DC Guy") for dreaming this one up.
TB12 "Roger That" Commercial
It's the greatest Monday morning ever in New England. And as we try and process just the the heck happened last night with the Pats victory, we find this gem of a new commercial with TB12 for Shields MRI.