Awesome Ways to Deal With Halloween Candy Surplus!
Now that we have some distance from trick or treating, many of us have a stash of unwanted candy. Whether it's nuts or nougat, (what is that anyway?), you probably have some candy to re-distribute!
Here are some suggestions:

Put it in the freezer and save it for decorating gingerbread houses during th…
Mainers Crafting in the Dining Room. [PICS]
I'm always looking for craft ideas to keep the kids busy, especially on rainy days. This inexpensive dining room table project was a hit. I went to Michael's Crafts and got the female styrofoam heads on sale for a few bucks each. I picked up some Modge Podge while I was there for 6 dollars…
Red Solo Cups Have a Secret!
The 18 oz. red Solo cup, a tradition for parties and gatherings, is disposable and recyclable and has some features that you may not be aware of.
Great Snow Storm Craft Project!
What do you do with a couple of stir crazy kids on another snow day? I'm lucky because they like to craft and so do I. Since we had a heads up that snow was on the way, I had a chance to gather my supplies for this one.
Here's what you'l need:
White plates- I bought mine at, where else?…
Labor of Xmas Love
The glue gun got me! But wow, are these holiday sweaters UGLY! Just the way we like them! A WBLM listener will win his and hers sweaters, hand crafted by me, to wear to our Ugly Holiday Sweater Party this Friday night at Ocean Gateway in Portland!