Dr. Demento

The Best Of Dr. Demento's 1980's Stash
Along with "Rockline" and "Psychedelic Breakfast", Dr. D just maybe tops the list of your Rock & Roll Blimp's old school weekly specialty programs that we'd love to bring back to the airwaves...
Dr. Demento's Top Ten Records Of The 1960's
From what now seems like a very, very long time ago, when radio dials were round and you could barely hear the humming of the tubes and transistors, your Rock And Roll Blimp was one of the first stations to air the (now legendary) "Dr. Demento Radio Hour" and it was a perfect fit for weeke…
Aw Man! Remember These 70’s Tunes?!
Being a kid in the 70's was a blast! Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting! Here are a few songs that will take you back in time and then become firmly stuck in your head for the rest of the day!
Do you remember this one?
"Shaving Cream" by Benny Bell,
being spun by Dr. Dem...