Blimp's CSN Prize on eBay!
Over the years WBLM has given out some pretty cool prizes to winners. We found this 1985 newspaper clipping on eBay! Captain had just started at the station and remembers the show very well. He said it was very wet! It's also nice to see our old friend Jose Diaz...
Is Big Hair Next Wave?
To achieve this hair only one product will do! Buy the original now on eBay!
My 80's fave, Aqua Net Unscented Super-Hold, is raking in big bucks on eBay. Do you remember how hard it was to shampoo out of your hair? Remember those scaly flakes that required a vinegar rinse...
Cyber Thieves Impact Millions
Millions of EBay users could be at risk of having their data compromised after the company announced Wednesday that it was the victim of a cyber attack three months ago, according to Yahoo.com.