Election 2016

Maine's Referendum
There were some hotly contested referendum questions on the ballot this year including everything from legalizing marijuana to background checks for gun transfers. Here's how Maine voted.
WATCH: Maine Chickens & Goats Urge Us to Vote!
With this election dominating our attention for way to long now, I've gotta admit I've been spending most of my time watching funny animal videos these past couple days. I seriously don't think any political stuff is going to affect any decisions at this point. Enough already!
Election Day on Etsy!
This is the craziest election year ever, so I turned to Etsy to find some momentos to leave for my grandchildren. Kidding. I stayed away from anything with a true candidate's name, but I found my winning T-shirt! Nicks/Buckingham!
Pick up a "Willie Nelson for President" bumper …