Fryeburg Fair

Taste the Fryeburg Fair Any Old Time, Deep Fried Twinkies!
I knock myself out on deep fried goodies once a year at the Fryeburg Fair where I look forward to visiting this food truck, and the chickens with the fluffy feet. While Halloween shopping at our Scarborough Wal Mart, an end display freezer case caught my eye...
My Favorite Fair Food of 2015 [PICS]
Until my trip to the Fryeburg Fair last week, the rumors of a plethora of deep fried treats remained an urban myth. I had only tasted deep fried Oreos and that blew my mind! Then I came upon this beautiful food truck with pictures of all my my favorite guilty pleasures...
Celeste’s Visit to the Fryeburg Fair! [VIDEO]
The Fryeburg Fair is running through the weekend! Here is a video that I took from the top of the ferris wheel on Thursday.
Here are some friends that I made while exploring the barns!
This is Rusty, a Duroc sow.
These cows were enjoying a quiet moment and the magical fall light...