Maine Burger Company Makes ‘Em With Beets, Not Meats
Yeah I've tried all the veggie burgers and they just don't satisfy me with those crunchy nutty grainy ingredients. Now, I can't wait to try these beauties made right here in Maine. There even pre-cooked so we can get 'em in the bun even faster this summer!
Maine Signs of Spring!
This weekend we busted out spring in a big way! After mowing the lawn, Mark and my brother put up the badminton net!
Then Uncle Billy got the cornhole game from the shed and the kids played in the driveway until the burgers were ready...
My New Grill Says It’s Spring, Screw the Thermometer!!
March lulled me into a false sense of security regarding weather. Record highs sent me into premature spring. Now I know how our flora and fauna feel! I began spring cleaning when I should have been tubing! I connected the garden hose to spray off our Farmer's porch when I should have…
Create Some BBQ Fireworks!
Okay, it's the Fourth of July weekend and by now we have already had our fill of hot dogs, burgers and other traditional grilling fare so why not shake things up a little bit.
Here are 11 great grilling dishes from Buzzfeed that will give any barbecue chef a whole new perspective on what it mean…